Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gifts according to occasions

Semi formal corporate functions also require intricate planning. Though set among a casual ambience there is lot of scope for decorum and living up to a standard. The corporate gift items for such an occasion is certainly about launching a new product. Several attempts for promotion have marketing plans done under specific budget approvals.

T shirts with logo are a common choice. Other corporate gifts can be the photo mug or coasters done in casual colors.

Premium quality styles can be seen with gold coins, silver articles like bowls or glass and also crystal wears in case the choice is exclusive. Pottery or ceramic items seem interesting for corporate style and there are also branded variety to choose from. The gift should befit the occasion and seniority of the personnel.

Many corporate gift companies are willing to customize the gift for a bulk manufacturing. Handicraft items make wonderful gifts in terms of wall hangings, pens, pen holders and several other artistic items.

The wrapping can be interesting with festive decoration and shiny wrappers with a box or other kind of frills. Attaching a Thank you note or mentioning heart felt wishes is very important part of personalized gifts