Friday, December 2, 2011

Employee Recognition Award

Most of the business search for opportunities and ways to boost morale and raise productivity in the company. There are many creative ways to notice the hard workers and show appreciation towards the. One of the most demanding ways of enhancing the company’s performance is undergoing recognition schemes.

Employee recognition award is the award given by a company to one of the hard and loyal employee of the company. This award is a simple way to say thanks to the employee for the persistent support he has given and loyalty he has shown to the company. Everybody enjoys a joyful work environment and awards can create more desire within the employee to work hard and show their worth.

Earlier, only few companies used to give a title “employee of the month” to the best employee. Nowadays, many companies in Mumbai have realized the significance of showing appreciation to the employees and they acclaim an employee recognition award at the end of every month or at the end of financial year.

The nomination and award giving is mainly on a formal footing. Employees are nominated by few clients, staff members and the management of the company and on the day of award giving ceremony, one winner is selected among the nominated employees. The winner is awarded with various articles in the form of crystal awards, brass awards, award base, glass awards, globe awards, lapel pins, marble awards, clocks, star awards or paycheck and gift vouchers.

This award further enhances the reputation of the company, brand performance and other related benefits for the business

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